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Heading Toward The River
The wisdom of the eternal beings My cognition of this world is so absolute as if I've been living a hundred of trillions of billions of years on trillions of planets like the Earth and I understand it from top to bottom and here I'm only looking for one thing - calmness, appeasement and all this harmony that comes to you from fusion with eternity, from beholding great fractal image and from this wonderful oneunity of everlasting eternal existance, wherever you look - either deep - it's endlessly small or up - endlessly big, do you get it? And you are again talking about that thing of yours, you hustle and bustle, go do it, it's your way and your knowledge horizon and the sensation of your nature, it's is incomparably tiny in comparison with mine, do you get it? I am like an elderly sage, immortal or almost immortal, who has been on this planet since its birth whe the Sun was barely forming as a star and this gas and dust cloud after the big bang, the Sun when it ignited as a star and began forming all those abiogeneses, planets, you see, I have been on this Earth for almost 5 billion years and I know it from top to bottom all this wordl, and you are talking about... I don't care about your cars, your yachts, your flats, your money. I have been on this planet for eternal amount of time I am cooller than Ceasar, and cooler than Hitler and cooller than all of the greatest do you get it? but somewhere I was a piece of shit and even worse than here. I can feel plenty of these states. Somewhere I was more likle a plant, somewhere more like a bird, there like a worm, somewhere I was just a stone, and that is a soul, do you get it? It has multiple facets of similarity endlessly multiple but you won't get it, so you go, just leave it, we in this world live with different feelings and with different goals, as a consequence the different is our place here. I wish all cool cars for you to have. And the best females if you haven't got enough ideas, appeal to me, on your every idea I will suggest a hudred of trillions of ideas what to do. I am done here, I am strolling like an elderly sage who has been able to behold the eternity, who has been able to touch the Divine and has become divine himself and he is going to this eternity and who in this appeasement, calmness, harmony and grace in this secret bliss is, involved in it, do you get it? that's where our difference is.So I am going to admire the Mundus and you are going to fill your facets and that's the difference, get it?, you can't behold the eternity, you don't even need it. But, even though you are... how to say... more active, like you know that woodpecker who is pecking its tree or like an ant who is active on its place so go, here our ways , certainly, have some facets of similarity because everything is united but I can uderstand you and you can't for sure because I contain your state, your nature, it is a tiny grain of sand from what I am, so go, just go away and I am going to enjoy this wonderfal autumn dusk on a bank of a warm, southern river. So you go, and me too. @headingtowardtheriver
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